About the photography

Ipas is committed to ethical storytelling, image use and most importantly, upholding people’s dignity in the work we do. We partner with local photographers who understand their communities, and who share our values.


Fabeha Monir

Fabeha Monir is a visual journalist based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She uses still images, text and video to tell multi-faceted stories that communicate the human experience. As a humanist photographer, she explores the themes of social development, migration, gender violence, and forced exile in marginalized communities.


Amilton Neves

Amilton Neves Cuna is a professional photographer based in both Maputo, Mozambique, and Tampa, Florida (USA), who examines contemporary societal issues using storytelling and documentary techniques. His projects focus on addressing perceptions of people at the margins of society through narratives of empowerment. After Mozambique experienced two deadly cyclones in 2019, he also began to explore the effects of climate change.

"She carries the whole family. She bears the burden for everything at home."

I can’t keep getting pregnant.

“Now I have nothing. When the rain falls, it just falls. The children end up wet.”

In this coastal region, during the time of disasters it’s dangerous for girls.

I dream about Sundarbans, this is my everything.

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